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Alliance Statement on Proposed HOT CARS Act of 2019

“The loss of any life is tragic, and greater public awareness and vigilance are absolutely crucial to help save young lives, right now, this week. The Alliance will carefully review any legislative proposals keeping in mind that fewer than 13% of new car buyers have a child six years old or younger. And with people […]


Alliance Statement on Agreement between U.S, Canada, and Mexico to Lift Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

“Automakers welcome this announcement. Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum have increased costs for automakers and suppliers. While many automakers already source the vast majority of their steel and aluminum domestically, tariffs drive those prices up which decreases investment and harms auto workers and ultimately consumers. Lifting these tariffs not only reduces economic harm, it would […]


Alliance Statement on 5.9 GHz Band

Given that human error is a factor in the vast majority of our nation’s nearly 40,000 roadway fatalities, the FCC, DOT and Congress should work to ensure that the 5.9 GHz band is preserved for both existing and emerging vehicle communication and safety technologies. Auto manufacturers understand the FCC’s mission is to maximize use of […]


Alliance comments on Colorado Air Quality Control Commission hearing on Zero Emission Vehicle Rule:

“Automakers are providing our customers with record-breaking choices in electric vehicle (EV) models. We want to sell these vehicles in large numbers, and to do that, a team approach is crucial. We produce the autos, and we need to work alongside dealers, utilities, providers of charging stations, environmental groups, finance companies, the state and others to put more EVs on […]


Alliance Brings Together Stakeholders to Discuss AV Accessibility

Washington, D.C. – Efforts to make vehicles more accessible to those with disabilities and older drivers came into renewed public focus Friday, when the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers brought together safety advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders to discuss the potential that exists for expanded transportation access and mobility. In the first of three workshops, automakers […]